It’s 7am. Your gmail’s beeping – you’ve got mail.

It’s your copywriter. She’s just sent you a brilliant company name.

And you haven’t even opened your eyes…


Leading a new company with brilliant technology to offer?

Got dozens of people working crazy hours to rocket your startup growth?

Don’t have time to worry about the quality of your company’s written documents?

Leading Israeli start-ups partner with The Writing Company to write and edit their English marketing materials. Fast, flexible, and with quality services at fair prices, our clients choose us because we are a valuable and strategic investment. Whether it’s original content, a marketing editing job, or simply a polish of existing text you require, we help you to get your copy ready to be read.

The start up nation is packed with thousands of brilliant entrepreneurs competing for funding and market share daily. But only 1 out of every 4 startups makes it. Shortcut your path to success by following the lead of winning startups – partner with us to ensure your marketing materials are flawless, engaging, and shareable.

Persuasive business plan. Whether it’s a traditional or lean startup method business plan, we know how to reflect your ideas and plans to gain you an audience with potential investors. Let us help you secure funding for your new venture.

 Communications with angel investors and potential funders. Update, excite and engage your investors with monthly written progress reports. We write the letters you need to keep your funders paying your staff and rent.

 Shareable marketing content. We combine your ideas, technology, and creativity into engaging stories. We make potential customers and partner companies like and appreciate you. We do all this through site copy, blogs, emails, newsletters and more.

 Clear and simple media materials. The clearer your written materials, the higher the chances you’ll get published. Let us do what we do best – explain to journalists what you’re business is all about, why it’s so great, and how come the world needs to know about it.

Get ninja style staff knocking at your door. The better your staff, the more successfully your company. We help you snag the best people by writing materials that differentiate you from your competitors, convey the excitement about your potential success, and communicate the benefits of working with you.

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